Monday, 7 November 2011

Nokia BH-111 Mini Review

Today I took delivery of a Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset which I purchased from amazon. It was packaged to Nokia's usual high standards and reasonably priced at £29.99.

It's a very lightweight device which should make it easy to carry around and use on a regular basis. To me the audio quality is good from a device in this price range with the bundled matching coloured earbuds and would recommend it to others. I'm no audiophile but I liked the sound when using them, quite crisp with decent bass.

My only gripe is the cable length, it's a bit short for my liking as I prefer to clip it to my trouser pocket when listening to music, it's a shame that a cable extender wasn't included in the box. Fortunately you can use it with any standard earbuds or headphones that use the standard 3.5mm connector.

For people that want stereo bluetooth audio but have a tight budget this is the perfect device.

Neatly packaged in classic Nokia blue.

The entire contents of the box.

The round part on the top left is the volume control.

Close up of the earbuds.


  1. nice little resume mate , will confirm or repost as soon as my black ones arrive ;)

  2. I have had problems with BT Audio in the past. I found that the audio sped up or slowed down ever so slightly after time.

    This seems to be a common BT Audio complaint across a lot of headsets.

    Have you used this for long durations, and if so, have you noticed any minor speed up and slow down? It will present like a pitch shift, and you will be able to hear it really clearly when you encounter it.

  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    Not noticed any speed issues with bluetooth audio on the N9. In fact the last Nokia I used that had those issues was the N96.

  4. I found that there is all most no bass !!!
    Is there any way to improve on this. My wired connected gear has a very rich sound, but there is just no bass with the BH-111.

  5. Use a different set of earbuds or headphones with the unit. The bundled earbuds are ok but you can get deeper bass by using an alternative set.

  6. I am using Panasonic HJE450 6-26000. You normally feel you chest rubble with these.


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