Monday, 2 April 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 - Four Months On

It’s now been around four months since I first got my Lumia 800 and it’s been a great experience so far. Usually by now I’m desperately searching for something newer, better, faster to buy but I’m still yet to feel that. In this short period we’ve seen several software updates, tons of app updates and plenty of new apps to sink our teeth into and those are just what Nokia has given us. The pace of development really is a breath of fresh air compared to Nokia of the past, long may it continue!

In this short time the windows phone marketplace has seen so many quality additions and updates that for some things we’ve become spoilt for choice. The biggest example of this I’ve seen is with twitter apps and the overall quality of them. Back in my Symbian days the choice was pretty limited, it was either buy Gravity for a whopping £8 or make do with one of the free ones, none of which were really that good or as fully featured. On windows phone we’ve got Carbon (£1.49), Rowi (£2.29) Mehdoh (Free), Official Twitter (Free), MoTweets Pro (£1.49) all of which are being actively improved, some of which also have free ad supported versions available. These are just a few examples, there’s even more to choose from and some great ones are yet to be released on the market such as Twabbit. It’s safe to say that I have not been disappointed by the twitter experience on this platform and intend to go into more detail about twitter on windows phone in a future article.

Recently I was given a Nokia 603 to trial for two weeks and that phone really made me appreciate Nokia’s decision to switch to windows phone for its primary operating system. Like many I was against the switch at first but after spending time with the Symbian again I can safely say I was wrong and Nokia was right. The selection of apps, the awful text input, the slow speed the dated look of much of the OS and apps really made me dislike the device to the point that made me wonder why I ever loved Symbian.

As a whole package I’ve found the Lumia 800 to be truly great, it just works which is really important to me. Rarely does it crash, reboot for no apparent reason or lag which makes it very pleasant to use. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a phone that was this stable and this gives me great expectations for future Nokia windows phone devices. After Nokia’s recent announcement of the Symbian based 808 PureView with its amazing 41mp camera I’m eagerly awaiting a PureView windows phone to be announced, it really could be the phone of my dreams.

So that’s another fun and smooth stint with the Lumia 800 for me, will I still have a Lumia in another two months time? I think the answer to that is a massive yes and even though I’m tempted by the bigger Lumia 900 I am still very happy with its little brother.

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